Project Description

Golden 360 is a loyalty program app designed to deliver the best hospitality offers in one place.

golden 360 app


The idea behind this solution is a win-win position for everyone. There are three main roles, the app owner, which is Golden360, app users –  people who will have access to exclusive discounts, and businesses – restaurants, hotels, cafes, fitness centers, etc.

As it’s always been the purpose of a loyalty program, the client aims to create long term relationships with users, providing them with valuable offers over time. 

On the other hand, businesses are happy to get an additional source of revenue. Along with an additional revenue stream, a business controls when and what type of discounts it wants to share, creating a great opportunity for improving customer experience and brand awareness.

To get full access to the app, users pay a yearly subscription to access exclusive offers from restaurants, hotels, spas, among other businesses. The available offers far exceed the yearly subscription granting them entrance into the Golden360’s golden circle club.


To provide full service for the client, we created two native apps (iOS and Android), a website, and an admin panel. As this project has huge potential in a tourist oriented country like Montenegro, we focused on providing a stable system that can support the steep growth of user base, both for clients and users. The goal was to connect digital assets and provide a stable, user-friendly native app for users on the one side, and fast-performing dashboard and website for a client, on the other.

Android App Screen Golden360

Mobile apps

Native apps are known for their reliability and security, which is why they are no doubt the best long term solution for any business. These apps make use of the core languages while programming for any specific platform which provides better protection against security violations. We built two native apps for Golden360, Android and iOS. Besides security reasons, there is a whole list of advantages of native apps over other technologies

iOS App

Android App

Main features

  • Payment integration and coupon code purchase

This is the main feature of the app. Users can browse the available offers, choose what they want to book and make a purchase in a minute. 

  • Interactive map

  • Smooth and fast UX

  • Business information easily accessible

  • Search by category

Golden 360 payment screen
Gift card mockup

Golden 360 Dashboard

Golden 360 will use this dashboard to manage the business. They’ll be able to add/remove businesses, track offers, and control user preferences across the team.



tech stack for golden 360 native app


tech stack


tech stack

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