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Best in class ad platform for running omnichannel location based campaigns

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MarkitIQ is a multi-channel platform that incorporates geolocation marketing tactics and tools, to help businesses run more relevant ads, suitable for every market niche. 

The MarkitIQ platform will empower your marketing team to deliver successful campaigns with a single, data-driven platform and interactive dashboard.  Impactful Digital and Social solutions in your marketing strategy will help to improve business organization, identify and elevate new potential clients and expand your business network.

  • Campaign Management Platform
  • Managed Services
  • Recurring campaigns
  • White Label Solution
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Campaign Management Platform

Formulate and run marketing campaigns targeting your customer with a fully automated and easy-to-use interface that includes scheduling and execution.

  • Built-in scheduler for recurring campaigns
  • Fast and simple campaign launch
  • Integrated payment solutions
  • Integrated list management
  • 1-1 Targeting
  • Direct mail processing (Presort, CASS, Mail Qualification Doc, Mail.dat)
  • Mail tracking system
  • Print fulfillment
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Smart ads - Makritiq Custom lllustration

Smart Ad Types for Result-Oriented Marketers

MarkitIQ offers a suite of ad types for marketing teams that want to run one-time or monthly advertising campaigns. Display Ads, CTV OTT, and Direct Mail form the perfect combination of an effective campaign to reach relevant prospects. Every ad can work equally well, the only difference is, who needs to hear your message. 

The MarkitIQ campaign management platform combines the best elements of traditional and modern marketing to ensure high conversion rates and an unspoiled user experience.

CTV OTT Ads Markitiq

CTV/OTT (Video)

Reach those prospects that advertisers can’t reach without traditional TV commercials. Measurable results are now going hand in hand with superior targeting capabilities, which ensures optimum spending toward the most valuable audience known as Cord Cutters. 

  • Set campaign start & end date
  • Set landing page
  • Set URL for video
  • View & Play video preview
  • Set the budget for campaign
Display Ads Markitiq

Display Ads

We embed your ads in a web page to direct prospects to your website or landing page. This powerful ad type is even more powerful combined with retargeting or direct mail tactics. 

  • Budget friendly
  • Target specific customers
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • A long-term and flexible solution
Site Retargeting Markitiq

Site Retargeting

Identify prospects who already showed an interest in your services and serve them with more valuable content. Once they visit your website, you can retarget them, which means, you will show them more ads that are relevant and more informative, more educational, or that offer additional discounts. The possibilities are endless. 

Expand your advertising further by retargeting viewers solely on connected TV. Extend your ads by retargeting viewers who saw your CTV ad with related ads across display campaigns.

Direct mail

Direct Mail

Unleash the power of traditional marketing tactics and convert your prospects into long term clients. Direct mail is ideal for newcomers and new movers, for Holiday sales.

Social Media Managed Services

Using a powerful narrative can make your campaigns stronger across social media. The average individual spends up to 3 hours a day on social networks and utilizing social media platforms provides the opportunity to reach and engage your potential customer easily.

If you struggle with social media advertising, get in touch with our team and let us help you leverage your social media presence.

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Our best in class tools help you run effective ads across multiple channels!

Landing page builder Markitiq


Upload an already built landing page or create one with our easy to use builder to strengthen your offer while building continuity in your marketing.  Build pages that convert your traffic and leads into more business –even if web design is not really your strength. 

  • Easy drag and drop tool
  • Select from ready-to-use templates
  • Quick publishing to your domain
Landing page builder Markitiq
Design Print - Custom Illustration
Design Print - Custom Illustration


To improve competitiveness and accelerate growth in an ever changing market, personal touch mixed with the right words and a spot-on image, which can be incredibly impactful.  Our design team will partner with you to stand above the crowd with eye-catching designs that convert traffic and leads into more business. No matter your product, service or brand, Markit IQ can help you connect and engage with more visitors, demonstrate what you do, and encourage them to act.

Are you ready to partner with us on a journey to continued success?

Geofencing Technology - Markitiq


Location is everything! Use it to personalize your message for people who have specific habits,
lifestyle, or are near one of your stores.

Geofencing Technology - Markitiq
List Building Custom Illustration
List Building Custom Illustration

List Building

We help you save time and money by connecting you with the right people, the first time. Curate a list of addresses and households that fit your ideal client and send your message with appealing Call to Action.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Connect on a deeper level with your customer
  • Easily shareable content
  • Trackable – Reports tell you what is working and what needs improvement.

Mail Trail

Use our robust mail-tracking system to get real-time campaign insights. Knowing how people respond to your campaign gives you the knowledge and a competitive advantage.

Clone Modeling

We use technology to identify your “best” customers which helps us reach more people like that.  By using data tools, you can get more personal with your leads and get the customer insight you’ve always wanted.

Territory Selection

Select your Campaign Target Area using some of our built in tools:

  • Map “point and click” tool
  • Use Postal Code List
  • Use Radius around desired location

How you can benefit  from our platform

Recrring campaigns Custom illustration

Run Recurring Campaigns

Campaign Manager Subscription ease of use enables you to deliver engaging and personalized solutions on an ongoing basis. With our automation tools, you are able to set your campaign preferences and let our automation do the rest.

Recrring campaigns Custom illustration
Managed Services - Msrkitiq custom illustration
Managed Services - Msrkitiq custom illustration

Managed Services

You have goals, and we have expertise on how to achieve it.  Depending on your goals, there are different ad tactics that can be applied to maximize ad results. Let us help you reach a relevant audience running relevant ads. 

We are able to create campaigns, optimize results, and track campaign success for our clients.

White label product - markitiq custom illustration

Buy White Label Product 

If you are an agency or you work with a large number of businesses, our white label solution can multiply your ROI, as it’s designed to bring new clients in a short time and help you increase brand visibility. We are flexible in terms of adding/removing features because our main goal is to deliver a customized product designed to serve your needs.

White label product - markitiq custom illustration

Why is MarkitIQ the right choice for your business?

Our technology allows you to run profitable campaigns for your clients or your own business, offering full flexibility to execute your marketing strategy. In our demo sessions, clients usually decide what option suits their needs, whether it’s a white-label or managed platform, what type of campaigns are the best choice, or what is the optimum budget per campaign.

Why is MarkitIQ the right choice for your business?

Our technology allows you to run profitable campaigns for your clients or your own business, offering full flexibility to execute your marketing strategy. In our demo sessions, clients usually decide what option suits their needs, whether it’s a white-label or managed platform, what type of campaigns are the best choice, or what is the optimum budget per campaign.

Custom illustration - grow your business
  • Grow your business and leverage your competitive advantage
  • Inhouse design Features
  • Use our built-in Landing page builder
  • Encourage brand awareness to communicate values and necessity 
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Acquire and promote sustainable and profitable relationships
  • Tracking – Real-time reports and data show what is driving performance
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Frequently asked questions

Geofencing is the process of setting a virtual fence around a given location, using GPS or RFID technology. When mobile, or other devices, enter or exit that area, it triggers a desired action. The triggered actions can be banner ads, push notifications, pop up ads and other ad formats. 

Geofencing is a proven strategy for raising sales and increasing online and offline visits. 3 Out of 4 consumers complete an action after receiving a message when approaching a specific location, and 53% of shoppers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message. It’s simple to use, and on MarkitIQ you have different options. You can draw a fence, upload a list, import zip codes, or select territories by radius. Pretty big choice, right? Also, with available filters that help you narrow your audience down, you can save money while reaching out to relevant prospects.

Geofencing marketing is a part of location-based marketing that aims to personalize ads for a specific audience and build strong connections with them.

Every physical place can be geofenced, but advertisers often geofence buildings, events, districts, etc. The wider the area is, the bigger the reach. Businesses geofence competitor’s location to take over clients, or a part of a city where tourists just arrived. 

It’s very simple, there is a map and a pen, where you simply draw a fence. Before you start, you can insert the address and a zip code to get the right place.

CPC – Cost Per Click

In the face of increasing competition, advertisers and publishers benefit when your ad is clicked. Unlike the cost per lead or cost per acquisition, CPC means you pay whenever, and only if your ad is “clicked”

CPM – Cost Per Mille

Simply put, CPM is a cost of your ad per 1000 impressions. An impression happens when the ad is successfully loaded on a viewed web page or in an application.

CPV – Cost Per View

CPV is a cost for just a single view.  Your audience encounters CPV with campaign video ad pop-ups and pop-unders.

White-label will include features up to your needs. The platform is branded with your brand elements.

Yes, you can upload yours following the size guidelines.