We build a wide range of end to end custom software products, taking care of every detail along the process. Our goal is to deliver a final product that meets the long-term goals of our clients.

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NovaMoba App

NovaMoba is a native mobile application that aims at connecting organizations and food banks with people and businesses willing to donate resources and time to help people in need. The app was part of the project run by a local NGO to help the community recover from the Covid19 crisis. We were proud to be part of this mission by creating the native app that makes donations easy, fast, and safe. Here is what we've accomplished.


MarkitIQ is a multi-channel platform that incorporates geolocation marketing tactics and tools, to help businesses run more relevant ads, suitable for every market niche. This platform will empower your marketing team to deliver successful campaigns with a single, data-driven platform and interactive dashboard. Now you can run, manage and improve different types of ads from one single place.

Golden 360

Golden 360 is a loyalty program app designed to deliver the best hospitality offers in one place. To get full access to the app, users pay a yearly subscription to access exclusive offers from restaurants, hotels, spas, among other businesses. The available offers far exceed the yearly subscription granting them entrance into the Golden360’s golden circle club.

Mail Trail App

Mail Trail allows users to create advertising campaigns and track the delivery date of direct mail pieces. We created it with the goal to help coordinate your marketing efforts and run more relevant ads. The system gives you information about the estimated delivery times from the moment a piece is set to go out.

Hire a Minister

Hire a Minister is a unique platform where couples can quickly book a minister who will emcee their very special day. The project consists of two native apps (iOS and Android) and a website that represents the team of ministers. The app makes the process of hiring a minister simple while having a broad choice of professionals.


This app is designed to help encourage members of an organized community to make new connections. The app is designed to avoid making connections between singles. The purpose of this app is to encourage community members to meet a new family each month


Campaign Manager

The ability to create and execute campaigns from a single dashboard would save time, create flexibility, and strengthen the ability to reach a desired audience. Our Campaign Manager does exactly this for your direct marketing efforts.


Mail Trail

We can help you create campaigns and track the delivery date helping you coordinate your marketing efforts. Our mail trail system allows you to know estimated delivery times from the time a piece is set to go out.


Mail List

Getting up-to-date information for new customers can be difficult. We are able to provide regularly updated mailing lists to aid in your direct marketing efforts. Mail List reduces waisted marketing efforts by supplying information for the areas you wish to target with your direct mail marketing campaigns.


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