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This piece of software will help you track the direct mail delivery rate for your marketing campaigns.

mail trail app mockupsmail trail app mockups


Mail Trail allows users to create advertising campaigns and track the delivery date of direct mail pieces. We created it with the goal to help coordinate your marketing efforts and run more relevant ads. The system gives you information about the estimated delivery times from the moment a piece is set to go out.


  • Empower data-driven marketing decisions

    Every marketer knows how valuable information is. Knowing where you customer is on the buyer journey saves time and money.
    Whether your campaign goal is to generate leads, increase sales, or raise awareness, the Mail Trail app allows you to target the right prospects and send a message achieves your goals.

  • Get Accurate Leads

    When a prospect receives a piece of mail, our system will know it. Direct mail is just a first step to a complete advertising campaign. Once we know that type of action the end-user took from the letter, you’ll be able to run a more relevant ad campaign that will create multiple touch points with your prospect leading them toward a purchase.
    By combining Digital Display campaigns with direct mail, now you can target potential clients and serve them proper display ads.


Delivery rate tracking

Pursue how many direct mails have been sent and where. Separate screens show the number of sent mails per ZIP Code and State.

Informative Charts

Reading data is way easier using charts. It’s memorable and it helps you understand changes in the campaign over time. Compare which day performs the best and run direct mail campaigns accordingly.

mail trail app mockups



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